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Fit goals for life is a system to keep you fit physically, nutritionally, intellectually, and emotionally.



Fitkizomba® is a Kizomba inspired Dance Workout Program that tones your muscles and your confidence. Kizomba is a style of dance and a musical genre originating in Angola in 1984. Kizomba means “party” in Kimbundu, a language spoken in Angola.

Fitkizomba® Benefits

  • Core workout—The Fitkizomba® program uses moves throughout each song that require the engagement and control of the midsection of the body (abs and back), engaging the abdominal muscles will improve your core, and strengthen your lower back.
  • Easy, non-intimidating learning environment— Steps are presented in an easy to follow, format.
  • A sculpted/Toned body— A low impact cardiovascular class that promotes weight loss and toning of muscles, reshaping all parts of your body, including your upper body, lower body, and the mid-section in particular. Smaller waist line and defined abs are quick results obtained from taking FitKizomba classes for only 1 week!

Get To Your Goals

Happy Beyond Fit is a program that we call “Emotional Fitness”.
We work with you to strengthen your “emotional muscles” in the same way you would engage in a Physical Fitness program to strengthen all the muscles in your body so that you can be physically healthy.
What are our “emotional muscles“?

Every week strengthens a different emotional muscle.

  1. Balance Blood Glucose
  2. Alkalize the Body
  3. Maximize Nutrients
  4. Decrease Inflammation
  5. Increase Hydration

10Day Detox

Living an Alkaline lifestyle means that we mindfully choose food and daily habits that strengthen our immune system. Our detox program focuses on health, longevity and quality of life.

The 10Day Detox’s main goal is to educate people on the process of elimination of toxins through the main organs of elimination in the body.

Elimniate toxins from your body, join the challenge!

  1. Liver
  2. Kidneys
  3. Intestines
  4. Lungs
  5. Skin
  6. Lymphatic System


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