FK2 Mar 7th


Date & Time

Sun, Mar 7
9:30 AM – 4:00 PM


ONLINE, Florida 33009, US


The FitKizomba Instructor Training Level 2 – “FK2” is open for registration!

Location : Zoom

This training is completed through 6 hours LIVE on Zoom and 4 hours of Online Interactive Education:

  • LIVE on Zoom: March 7th from 9:30am to 4pm (Eastern Miami Time)
  • ONLINE: March 8th to 12th

Price: $250

At the FK2 you will be trained on the following skills:

– Become a Master of the Master Class Course:

  • In-depth guide on how to become a Pro at delivering Master Classes.
  • How to choreograph for FK Classes.
  • Master Class Choreographies.

-Tarraxinha Style :

  • Tarraxinha history
  • Tarraxinha technique breakdown

– Art of Leading:

  • Understanding the difference between cueing a move and LEADING a move.
  • The 5 Leading Signals used in FitKizomba.
  • Leading your class through the Kizomba technique.

– Social Media Training :

  • Understanding what Social media is good for
  • Discovering your Social Media Identity
  • Strategies to attract, maintain and grow your client base.
  • How to utilize Social Media to establish yourself as a brand.
  • How to grow your FitKizomba Classes through Social Media.

You will receive:

  • Training Manual
  • Training Videos
  • Certificate of Completion

***PREREQUISITES: You MUST have completed the FitKizomba Instructor Training ***



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