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Maria is the creative brain behind the Fitkizomba® program. Maria is a former professional Synchronized Swimmer who represented Colombia, her native country, in several competitions around the world. She is now based in Miami with her 17 year old son.


About Maria Browning- Chief Executive Officer, Creator and Founder of Fitkizomba® and the 10Day Detox Alkalinity Challenge.

Maria is the creative brain behind the Fitkizomba® program. Maria is a former professional Synchronized Swimmer who represented Colombia, her native country, in several competitions around the world. She is now based in Miami with her 17 year old son.

Maria, a recognized international fitness presenter with 15 years of experience, has licensed over 60,000 instructors worldwide on Dance Fitness programs.

Maria is the Co-Creator and image of the Aqua Zumba®️ Program. Starring at 11 Zumba®️Videos as well as performed 3 Fitness Concerts dancing alongside singers Pitbull and Wyclef Jean.

She is the creator of FitKizomba®, a muscle toning workout that targets abs and glutes, inspired in Kizomba dance technique from Angola.

Maria has trained over 5,000 people in the last 3 years on how to achieve abs of steel through her Fitkizomba® program. Her Charisma combined with her professionalism, knowledge and passion for dance is making people fall in love with this new mindful way to exercise with less impact on the joints.


At 23 when I started having Thyroid issues (hypothyroidism). I’ve been on Synthroid 0.175mcg for 20 years. My thyroid pretty much does not work after having gone through an Iodine treatment to control my Hyperthyroidism.

My Hypothyroidism make me gain weight, feel constantly fatigued, cold and experiencing hormonal imbalances if I am not of top of my food intake amongst other healthy habits.

I choose not to feel defeated but to take my Hypothyroidism as the perfect motivation to commit to a healthier lifestyle.

I had no idea how I was going to feel and look at 43. But I had faith that my daily drop of effort would take me somewhere better than were I was!

Most people think that I’ve always been skinny and that it’s so easy for me to stay in shape. It’s not until I share my health issues that they realize how committed I am to living a healthy lifestyle.

Because of my experience, struggles and victories I’ve developed both the 10Day Detox Program and the FitKizomba Program.  These programs are my way to contribute to the world, by influencing people’s health and inspiring them to CHANGE their lives.


Maria as a mom…

You may be one of the thousands of people that met me while I was teaching a Zumba training somewhere in the world . If so, chances are that you met my hyperactive, impulsive and all “over the place” son Nick.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6.Nick’s impulsiveness would make him do things that he knew would not be good for him.

His brain was foggy … all kids his age were already reading while Nick had not even been able to memorize his ABC’s .

The only option given to me by doctors and teachers was to put him on medicine. It seemed to be the only way for him to “be in control”, to do better in school and for me not to go crazy .

I found myself in a hard place. I had just gotten divorced. My job required me to travel to a different city and/or country every week. I would be gone for 10 days at a time before coming back home. Then I would be home for only 3 days before I had to get ready to travel again .

To put parenting in the hands of ADHD medicine was NOT AN OPTION for me.

So I embarked in the adventure of LITERALLY packing my 24/7 job as a mom and bringing it to my all over the world job .

Not only that , but targeting Nick’s ADHD issue in a holistic way was pretty much having the extra job of a “health parole officer “. Monitoring Nick’s food intake to be able to keep his ADHD symptoms under control so I wouldn’t have to drug him, was certainly not an easy task for a single mom.

For those of you who have never taken one of my trainings,  here is a very simple explanation of how it works:

I train groups of people for them to get a license to teach a fitness format.

The training is 8 hours long.  Add to that 1 hour prior for set up/welcoming,and at least 1 hour after, for wrap up, goodbyes and pictures.

For 10 hours straight I don’t stop talking/coaching others. I barely have time for a quick bathroom run in the whole day #truestory .

Do this for 3 to 4 days in a row. Business meetings after teaching each training. Affording only about 3 hours of sleep per night. Lastly, 2 extra days in planes getting in and out of my business destination.

Squeeze in 2 days to take my child sightseeing (after having waited for mommy to finish working for 4 days), and a couple of days that get lost in jet lag and hotel arrangement type of activity.

YES! You got the right picture ! My son was ALL OVER THE PLACE at every gym who hosted my event while I was at work. I had to develop a “bionic eye and ear “ to keep an eye on him while being fully into my job.

I couldn’t have done this alone! God was SO GOOD TO ME ! I always had guardian ANGELS in the shape of AMAZING human beings, which I had never met before , but that were so lovingly willing to entertain Nick.

Needless to say, stress was my most loyal partner for at least 7 years of my life.

As a result, Nick got trained to fight his OWN BATTLES without relying on quick fixes (aka: ADHA medicine).

He HATED the process of not being able to eat junk food since he was 7 years old. BUT thanks to this, he found the POWER of DISCIPLINE and SELFLOVE.

At 17, Nick has grown into becoming a master at the art of SACRIFICING in order to REACH GOALS.

If you are a mother of a young child with ADHD trust me on this: take the hard route! Try a holistic approach! In less than a year your child will miraculously turn into the person that you have never even dared to dreamed of, because you have already given up hope.

Maria Browning

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